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As a focused look at beer, one which will almost certainly require an in-depth study of the subject, I'm going to ask for opinions on best beers in three distinct categories (each one which I'll give my choice, as an example).

Cheap American Macobrew

  • Bud Light Golden Wheat--It's new, but cheap and tastes like a far more expensive hefeweizen.  When I can pick up a 12-pack at Walmart for $10.50 and feel like I'm drinking a "real" beer, that's a damn good thing.


  • Sam Adams Summer Ale--For this one, I blame Clay for introducing it to me in college.  Maybe there are other beers that I have/would enjoy more, but I'll always remember this as the beer that I looked forward to most during my beer "growth" phase (of which, again, Clay was almost soley responsible for my education)


  • Chimay Bleu--This would be for a beer that you just don't find everywhere in a six-pack or on tap.  It's been a while since I had a Chimay, but it will always have a special place in my liver....errrr.....heart.

Your picks?


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Cheap American: I agree, Bud Light Wheat is cheap and pretty decent for what it is. 

Seasonal: Have to say Blue Moon's summer brew, "Honey Moon" is my favorite right now.

Micro: The trippel at Ladyface is outstanding.

Premium: Saint Bernardus...the fine wine of beers. One taste and you'll be hooked, despite the high price tag.

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i believe that honey moon is the generic name for a $5 bottle of white wine from TJs...probably should remove honey moon from any "best beer" list

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My vote for Trippel @ ladyface, leinie's red, and the old Olympia in the tall cans


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perhaps a can of Blatz...retro to the 60's when they were a dodger sponsor and I followed Koufax, Big D, etc.


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